Welcome to Project Whitecard.

We create out of this world experiences and activate them across all digital media.

Khal Shariff is the Founder and CEO of Project Whitecard Inc.(est. 2008), and is a conceiver, coder and dedicated to using game technologies for the purpose of Good.

Apart from leading the "serious games" projects you see on the portfolio page (several of which are award-winning), Khal is the creative lead and signatory on two Space Act Agreements with NASA and was awarded a research project on one with NASA through the University of California Irvine and from MacArthur Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver "Open Badges" with Mozilla on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Star Rangers" Mission space will award these open badges, and is in the development.


Project Whitecard is dedicated to creating novel uses of technology that better the world and universe, with respect for all lives, everywhere.

  •   Mobile App Development
  •   Convergent Media
  •   3D Development
  •   Game Development
  •   Lesson Planning
  •   Digital Media Consulation
  •   Concept Creation



What they say...

  • "Khal is a visionary leader in the games industry. He is able to bring multiple people together on interdisciplinary design teams to build high-quality serious games, and his work coordinating and supporting the efforts of multiple researchers to improve assessment and scoring metrics for serious games has made important contributions to the field of serious games.."
    Richard Van Eck / Professor at University of North Dakota
  • "The countdown is over, from the look of things here in Mission Control (The Eureka Project) — Project Whitecard is on their way to a serious Eureka moment in the serious business of gaming."
    The Eureka Project / Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • "RoboMath ... has been requested by over 40,000 teachers in Canada, and will reach over 1.25 million students this year, placing it as the second largest distribution of a single learning software title in the world."
    Eliane Alhadeff, SERIOUS GAMES MARKET
  • "RoboMath / RoboMatique, by the Canadian Space Agency and Project Whitecard Inc. is a nominee for Best Kids Interactive."
    nextMEDIA,Canadian New Media Awards (CNMAs) 2010
  • "Khal and his team directly apply their ISSD skills in a 2013 project for the Mozilla Foundation, which is the creation of PHP Modules that allows the awarding of "Open Badges," official 90x90 images to recognize achievements in common core science curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 sciences."
    PACE PROGRAM, University of Winnipeg