Winnipeg Art Gallery RE:PLAY - gaming delights

Winnipeg is one busy town these days!

JUNE 11th, 2011 - the afternoon - Winnipeg Art Gallery FUN.... High winds bespoiling
your Saturday getaway? Saturday afternoon at the WAG is the place to be - come join
your local [me] and throngs of game developers for a 5 hour "Electronique


Cursor through this great web site for a details page... AHA

12-5 downtown - across from the Bay - see you there!

mrghosty and the Winnipeg Art Gallery are hosting a special family-friendly daytime
event celebrating the art, culture, and technology of video games!

Join us for 5 hours of indie games, interactive technology, art, music, crafts,
short artist talks, and more by Winnipeggers and beyond!

Exhibitors/ Artists / Speakers :

  • Po-Mo Project
  • New Media Manitoba
  • Isabelle Kilimnik (gamed themed water colour paintings)
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Clint Enns (live circuit bending workshop).
  • Complex Games
  • Glacier Games
  • Tom's Computer Works
  • Bit Collective ( makers of the Winnitron!)
  • mrghosty
  • team 20xx (chiptune DJ collective)
  • (bit cadet, 10fwd, Dj wasteland, d0p3f1sh)
  • Exousia Crafts (selling game culture themed handmade crafts)
  • Skullspace
  • Strata Studios (makers of the upcoming 100 YEN: the Japanese Arcade Experience
  • EXP zine ( gamer zine from Toronto, Ontario).
  • The Bonus Stage (Kick FM's Game Culture radio show)
  • and more TBA.

Click here for a
schedule of events."